What Determines Sleep Quality

sleep quality indicators on owlet sock

If you scour the internet for baby sleep information you will discover all sorts of recommendations for length of naps, number of naps, and how much sleep they should be getting. But most articles fail to factor in the quality of sleep your baby needs. According to a study conducted by a nationwide research team, sleep quality is superior to sleep quantity as an index for assessing sleep, and that restfulness obtained through sleep is a useful index for assessing sleep quality.

Sleep quality is subjective for the sleeper, but your baby’s demeanor during wake can give you a good idea of the quality of your baby’s sleep. Is your baby happy and energetic? Are they having little to no sleep disturbances at night and during nap time? Then your baby is likely getting good quality sleep. But sometimes, even the best of sleepers have trouble achieving good sleep.

How to Determine Your Baby's Sleep Quality

Owlet’s Dream Duo is the only monitor that helps parents understand their baby’s sleep quality and guide them to support better sleep for their baby, which means better sleep for the whole family. Using eight different sleep quality indicators, your Owlet ecosystem can help you pinpoint a possible problem area that may be preventing the best quality sleep for your baby.

Dream Duo gives you a holistic picture of your baby’s sleep environment. Sleep quality factors include

  • Heart rate
  • Average oxygen
  • Sleep state status
  • Movement
  • Wakings
  • Humidity
  • Noise
  • Room temperature

Sleep Assist Prompts from the Owlet Dream App will tell you when to make adjustments that can support better Baby’s sleep quality.

Being mindful of your baby’s sleep status can help you plan the perfect wake time for your baby, determining when they’re about to complete a sleep cycle leading into a gentle wake up and avoiding sleep inertia, that groggy feeling after sleep.

Environmental sleep factors can greatly affect your baby’s sleep quality. Monitoring humidity, room noise and room temperature will help you set up and maintain the perfect sleep environment for your baby. Having a dark, quiet and cool room will help support your baby’s sleep learning process by supporting the development of their circadian rhythm, their biological clock that helps them recognize day from night.

Monitor Your Baby's Sleep Quality

The Dream Duo is the only monitor that not only connects you to your baby while they're sleeping, giving you peace of mind, but it also helps to improve your baby’s sleep. With guidance from the Dream Duo, you will be can support your baby’s sleep development and learning by increasing the amount they sleep while also making sure it’s quality sleep.

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