Healthy Baby Podcast #1 – Safe Sleep Guidelines with Joseph Hageman, MD

Healthy Baby Podcast #1 – Safe Sleep Guidelines with Joseph Hageman, MD

Many of you may be unaware that September is Baby Safety Month. As strong advocates of baby safety, we are proud to introduce our own podcast dedicated to helping parents raise healthy babies. The Healthy Baby Podcast will share meaningful and in-depth advice that ranges across differing pregnancy and parenting topics. In honor of Baby Safety Month, our first monthly podcast features the topic of safe sleep.

Owlet CEO, Kurt Workman, had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the topic of safe sleep with Dr. Joseph Hageman, neonatologist, and pediatrician with over 30-years of experience. Tune in as they discuss what safe sleep means and why it is important to practice safe sleep with your own children.

Although Baby Safety Month is a good reminder for parents to practice safe sleep, we really want to stress the importance of it. Throughout our podcast, we shared safe sleep recommendations that we believe each parent should follow. Check out our top five safe sleep takeaways from the podcast, as they are outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

5 Safe Sleep Takeaways:

  • Always place baby on his/her back.
  • Baby should sleep on a firm sleep surface. The AAP recommends using a firm mattress with a tightly fitted sheet only.
  • Soft objects and loose bedding should be kept away from the infant’s sleep area.
  • It is recommended to room-share, not bed-share, with your baby on a separate sleeping surface.
  • Avoid overheating by keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature.

You can join the conversation as we discuss infant health in the future with medical and technology experts and learn from experiences shared directly from new and expecting parents.

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