Building the Best Baby Registry

Building the Best Baby Registry

It’s a safe bet that friends and family are excited to shower you as you wait to welcome your bundle of joy. There’s a lot to prepare for and building a solid baby registry is a great way for loved ones to help you get ready. 

Where to register

Creating a baby registry is one of the most exciting parts about having a baby, so have fun with it! 


Creating your registry in-store can be a good place to start because of the personalized assistance available. Stores like BuyBuyBaby allow you to set up an appointment to get started, and the dedicated associates are well versed in all things baby to help answer your questions. You also have the advantage of seeing and touching the items you’d like to add to your registry. 


Online shopping has made creating baby registries a breeze. If you choose this route, you’ll notice many websites have categorized baby items into sections by use. This makes it easy to see all the different aspects of baby’s needs. 

Want to add items from multiple retailers? Check that your registry allows you to add third-party websites. Or consider registering with popular options like Babylist or Amazon that allow you to add products from multiple locations.

How to choose registry items

Ask for advice

Talk to your friends to find out what products they found helpful in the newborn stage and beyond. Experienced parents will also have helpful suggestions on what they wish they’d had and what they couldn’t live without.

Consider the future

You may also want to consider any additional life changes as you build your registry:

  • Will you be moving soon? Ask for smaller items that can easily be packed away or better yet, request gift cards so there’s no need to pack.
  • Are you planning on adding to your family? Consider neutral colors for big-ticket items like a crib or stroller so you can use them in the future. You can easily personalize things with accent colors, crib sheets or decorations.

What to choose

Make sure you add a mix of items to your registry. Here are a few categories to consider:


Babies grow quickly so add clothing items ranging in sizes, while also keeping the seasons in mind. There’s nothing worse than registering for a fluffy coat that only fits baby in the middle of the summer. 


As many parents can attest, sleep for both themselves and their little one may be a little scarce at first. 

The Owlet Smart Sock tracks your baby’s sleep trends and shows you how long and how well baby slept. You can also view live readings of heart rate and oxygen level while they’re sleeping. Give yourself some peace of mind and enjoy more sleep when you can.


Check out different tubs and the features. Some tubs come with a temperature thermometer so you can get the water just right,  others offer collapsable features, which works great if you have limited storage space. And don’t forget to include some baby lotion, a towel, gentle shampoo, and washcloths to your list.


Include different baby gear like a stroller, car seat, a sling, baby carrier, and diaper bag on your registry.

Jogger strollers are great if you plan on exploring outdoors. If you’re only planning on casually walking around the neighborhood, a better fit may be a stroller/car seat set that conveniently clicks the car seat directly into the stroller. A baby carrier or sling are also great options if you’d like to keep baby close and your hands-free.

Gift cards

You may not cover all your bases with items from your registry, so make sure to indicate that you’re open to gift cards. They’ll also come in handy if you’d like to save to purchase a certain product.

Unconventional gifts or ideas

Finally, don’t forget about self-care when creating your registry. Consider asking for something that is just for you, like a subscription service for audiobooks. Treat yourself to something you can enjoy during those late nights.

Additional registry tips

  • Start your baby registry early so it’s ready in time for your baby shower. 
  • Keep an eye out for free gifts and offers.
    • Target currently offers a free welcome kit and a 15% off discount for everything left on your registry.
    • Amazon currently offers a welcome box and Prime members a 15% off completion discount for items left on your registry. Others will receive a 10% completion discount.
  • Check out different options like group gifting to allow friends and family to contribute towards a bigger ticket item.
  • Add the Owlet Smart Sock, Cam or Sock + Cam to your registry. 

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