There is no shortage of sleep education material available. But with so much competing advice, it’s hard to know what will work for your family.

Dream Lab takes the guesswork out of sleep education.

Why choose Dream Lab?

Let’s face it — free options aren’t free. They waste time and energy as you struggle to figure out how to use the often conflicting information.

Only Dream Lab offers a personalized sleep learning video course along with a suite of comprehensive sleep learning tools proven to help your family reclaim much-needed sleep.

– In-depth sleep assessment
– Personalized sleep plan
– Self-adjusting daily schedule
– Step-by-step instructions
– Weekly Q&A webinars
– Money-back guarantee

Better Sleep Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike other sleep plans, Dream Lab gives you 15 days to try our video course. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the progress your baby has made with Dream Lab, we’ll refund* your purchase.

*Must request refund within 15 days of purchase

Dream Lab is a smart course that reacts to your baby’s sleep learning progress and automatically adjusts the daily schedule.

“Dream Lab gave us the tools we needed to go from sleep learning failures to better rested heroes! We tried almost every other method with our older daughter and to say we dreaded bedtime is an understatement. When we started, her naps were inconsistent and nighttime wakings frequent. Now, when we stick to the schedule customized for us by Dream Lab, she naps well and wakes less. Thank you for giving us the tools we and our baby needed to get some much needed rest!”


“Dream Lab changed my life. This program isn't a magic fix all but rather a personalized program and team of sleep professionals in the palm of your hands. You're never alone and you have someone cheering you on through the tough times and praising you with your success. By the end of the program, I understood my daughter's sleep process better which allowed me to make informed decisions about her sleep. She now sleeps through the night and has the tools she needs to get a full night’s sleep.”

Sarah S.

“If you have a strong-willed baby who is having trouble falling asleep on their own, this is for you. Before Dream Lab, my 7 month old would wake up 5-7 times at night and it was exhausting! The step by step videos and tips that were specifically designed to match her needs and tackle the issues we were having was a game changer. I saw improvements by day 3 and by the end of the week my baby would sleep on average 10-11 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I was amazed by how fast she learned and adjusted to the sleep plan that was designed for her. Thanks to Dream Lab we have a happy baby and momma.”


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