The Dream Sock + Dream Duo is Now Available

The Dream Sock + Dream Duo is Now Available

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the Dream Sock and Dream Duo are now available to purchase! If you are prioritizing health and sleep for the whole family, then these products were made for you.

The Dream Sock

The Owlet Dream Sock combines the power of Owlet’s award-winning technology and sleep program to empower parents to build better sleep habits from day one. The Owlet Dream Sock actually teaches you what to do and when, so you can build better sleep routines for Baby and the whole family. 

Some of the Dream Sock features include: 

  • A comfortable fabric sock and our award-winning sensor technology
  • Real-time sleep quality indicators
  • Integration with the Owlet Dream app to display sleep status, sleep history and sleep quality scores
  • Personalized sleep program designed by experts

The Dream Duo

The Dream Duo includes both the award-winning technology of the Dream Sock and the motion and environment monitoring of the Cam video baby monitor. Unlike other baby monitors that don’t track sleep or only increase your anxiety about how Baby is sleeping, the Owlet Dream Duo gives you a complete picture of Baby!

Here’s what to expect from the Dream Duo: 

  • Sleep trend tracking
  • Secure, HD video streaming with night vision over a private, secured connection
  • Real-time sleep notifications 
  • User-friendly Dream App integration

With the launch of the New Dream Sock and Dream Duo, we look forward to offering parents more peace of mind and joy in the parenting journey.

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