See a Breakdown of How Your Baby Sleeps

See a Breakdown of How Your Baby Sleeps

View your baby’s sleep patterns and trends with the Owlet App when using the Smart Sock!

We understand that sleep is critical to your infant’s overall wellness, mood, and development. By tracking your baby’s heart rate and movement, we can provide insights into total hours slept, awake times and a breakdown of your baby’s light vs. deep sleep. You can then use this data to help create routines and develop healthy sleep habits for your baby.

Simply download the Owlet App and make sure your Smart Sock is connected to your app account. Start using the Smart Sock with your little one and history will then auto-populate in the History tab on your app.

Did you know that Owlet babies get approximately 10 hours 53 minutes of sleep each night!? Now that's a lot of z's!

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