Do Babies Sleep More During Growth Spurts?

Do Babies Sleep More During Growth Spurts?

Is your baby napping longer, sleeping longer at night or waking less? The human growth hormone may be working it’s magic! This protein is produced during sleep and is exactly what your baby needs to grow and develop. Your baby might be sneaking in some extra minutes of sleep to allow their body extra time to produce this growth hormone to keep them on schedule. Because your baby is the perfect size for their individual self. 

Growth spurts can happen at any time and can last for a day or even up to a week. We can guess based on average growth spurts for babies when your baby might have a spurt, but the truth is, your baby will have a growth spurt when they’re ready to have one. On average growth spurts hit around 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. But when your baby has their spurt is completely out of your and your baby’s control, so it’s absolutely not something to stress about or plan for.

Signs your baby is having a growth spurt

Your baby might completely disrupt their entire routine when they have a growth spurt, or you may not even notice until you realize they’re ready to move up to the next size in clothes! It can be hard to know if they’re experiencing a growth spurt, or teething or maybe just hitting a developmental milestone!  

Sleep Changes Right before a growth sprout your baby may sleep more than usual. Their body needs sleep to help with growth, it’s exhausting getting bigger. During sleep is when their bodies produce the growth hormone they need to develop on schedule. But because their naps might be longer, you may notice they sleep less at night because their sleep routine has been disrupted. They should fall back into their routine in a few days. On the flip side, your baby might be waking more frequently because they need more feedings to help give them extra energy.

Frequent Feedings With feeling more tired, you may find that your baby is snacky! They need more feedings to give them the energy they need to grow. You may notice their eating around the clock. And if you’re breastfeeding, they might be feeding more frequently to bring up your supply. They have to demand the extra milk before your body can produce it. Let them feed on demand for this short period of time so they can get the energy they need to grow.

Behavior Changes If your baby is suddenly grumpy, fussy and super clingy...they might be growing! Growing pains, feeling tired and hangry can just snowball into a really frustrated baby. You may feel like you’re in survival mode, but rest assured they will be through this spurt in just a few days and you’ll get your happy baby back!

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