Rainy Day Toddler Activities

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

When cold, rainy weather forces you and your kids to stay inside, it can be tough to keep everyone entertained. But, with the right activities and games, staying at home can be a lot of fun! Looking for the top rainy day activities for preschoolers and older kids? We've compiled a list of the top activities to keep your kids entertained.

Top Rainy Day Activities for Kids

  1. Make a rain painting: Get some poster paint and a large piece of paper. Tape the paper to the window, and let your toddler trace the paths of rain as the rain falls outside.
  2. Make a sensory bin: Fill a bin with different materials that are fun to touch and squeeze, such as rice, beans, pasta, or shaving cream. Let your toddler or preschooler explore the textures with their hands.
  3. Bake something together. There's nothing like the smell of fresh-baked cookies on a rainy day. Make a batch together, and then enjoy them with a cold glass of milk.
  4. Put on a play: Gather some old clothes and props, and put on a show. Your kid will love being the star of their very own play.
  5. Do some yoga: Put on some calm music, and do some simple yoga poses together. It's a great way to relax and get some energy out.
  6. Build a fort: Get creative and build a fort together using blankets, chairs, and pillows. Once it's built, your toddler can play inside or take a nap.
  7. Go on a nature walk: Just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't go outside. Put on your rain gear and go for a walk to look for birds, squirrels, and other animals.
  8. Play in the puddles: Let your toddler jump in every puddle they see. They'll love splashing around and getting wet. Just be sure to bring a change of clothes for the car ride home.
  9. Do a puzzle: Work on a simple puzzle together. As your toddler puts the pieces in place, they'll be developing important thinking skills.
  10. Play with blocks: Blocks are great for rainy days because they can be used in so many different ways. Let your kid build towers, houses, or whatever else they can think of.
  11. Read a book: Curl up on the couch with a good book. Your toddler will enjoy looking at the pictures and hearing your voice as you read aloud.
  12. Color: Get out some crayons and coloring books and let your child go to town. Coloring is a great way for your child to focus and to be creative.
  13. Have a dance party: Put on some music and dance around the living room together. It's a fun way to burn off some energy and get everyone moving.
  14. Make a homemade instrument: Collect some household objects like spoons, forks, pots, and pans. Use them to make music together. Your toddler will have a blast making noise and being creative.
  15. Build with Legos: Playing with Legos is a great rainy day activity because it's perfect for all ages. Whether your toddler is building towers or you're working on a more complicated project, everyone will have fun.
  16. Do a jigsaw puzzle: Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to work on problem-solving skills. Choose a puzzle that's appropriate for your kid's age and let them put the pieces together.
  17. Play hide-and-seek: Hide around the house and let your toddler find you. They'll love the challenge of finding you, and it's a great way to bond.
  18. Have an indoors picnic: Spread out a blanket and have a picnic indoors. Fill up a plate with your toddler's favorite foods and enjoy some quality time together.
  19. Make a collage: Collect some magazines and newspapers, and let your toddler cut out pictures to make a collage. It's a fun way to recycle old materials and be creative.
  20. Play with dolls: Pull out the dolls and dollhouse and let your toddler play pretend. They'll have fun acting out scenes from their favorite stories or making up their adventures.
  21. Paint: Get out the finger paints and let your toddler go to town. They'll love getting their hands dirty and expressing their creativity.
  22. Do a science experiment: There are all sorts of simple science experiments you can do at home with your toddler. Try one of these easy experiments and watch their eyes light up as they see the results.
  23. Make a paper chain: Cut out some strips of paper, and have your toddler help you make a paper chain. It's a fun way to use up some old paper and get creative.

These fun ideas are meant to get you started, but the sky is the limit. The more creative you get, the more fun your child will have. And, sooner than you realize, the sun will come out once again!

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