Introducing Smart Sock Plus: A Monitor For Their Future

Introducing Smart Sock Plus: A Monitor For Their Future

Every parent experiences the same warp-speed when it comes to their child growing: You blink and suddenly, your newborn is a toddler. The next thing you know, they're off to school! Owlet aims to bring you peace of mind about your child from day one and to be a partner with you through the milestones.

Owlet’s newest baby monitor, the Smart Sock Plus, is made for babies and toddlers, and is the first baby monitor to track your child’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends from birth up to 5 years of age, or 55 pounds. Now you can get 60 months of monitoring with 3 fabric socks designed to keep up with your growing child. And you can finally have the peace of mind you’ve come to expect from Owlet, for longer than ever before.

Tracks Baby’s Heart Rate & Oxygen 

View your baby’s live readings in the free Owlet App anytime, anywhere. Stay informed of Baby’s well-being while they sleep.

Tells You When Baby Needs You

Get notifications from the Base Station and your Owlet App if Baby’s readings leave preset zones. Know when your baby needs your attention with the right information at the right time. 

Measures Sleep Trends

View total hours slept, number of wakings, and overall sleep quality. Use the data to create new routines as your baby grows.

Your baby's future is full of can't-miss moments and Owlet is with you on the journey. The Smart Sock Plus is the only complete baby monitor system to grow with your child, and is designed to deliver you peace of mind every night—from the first day you bring them home, to their first day of school. View your child’s live readings in the Owlet App. With 3 fabric sock sizes, including a new large, size 3 toddler sock, the Smart Sock Plus means you can enjoy up to 1,800 nights of restful sleep. 

And for the Owlet family who already has a Smart Sock 3, we’re excited to announce the Extension Pack to allow you to continue monitoring your child up to 5 years of age. Add the Extension Pack to your existing Smart Sock 3 and monitor your child through kindergarten and track your little one as they grow. For a complete picture of your child’s well-being, pair your Smart Sock Plus with the Owlet Cam to get the power of the Monitor Duo. Stream live, HD video to your phone from anywhere while you track your child’s well-being.


SHOP EXTENSION PACK (18 months-5 years)

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