How to Celebrate Canada Day with A Baby

How to Celebrate Canada Day with A Baby

Everyone’s favourite July holiday is upon us! What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with a family-focused day of fun. Including Baby in your festivities requires a bit of planning, which is why we’ve pulled together a helpful guide to celebrating with a baby.

Choose Yummy Foods

What’s a celebration without some special menu items? Take some time to plan a special dessert or main course that embodies what it means to you to celebrate Canada Day. Maybe your family has a special recipe they’ve used for years that you can put a unique spin on, or start your own tradition with a culinary masterpiece of your own. 

Depending on what you decide to make, think through a baby-friendly option. Are there certain ingredients you can pull out and create a little treat for Baby? Mashed bananas for a banana cream pie can be saved as a snack for your little one before you’ve added sugar and whipped cream. Or save some green beans from a casserole to puree and share with Baby while your family enjoys the main dish. 

Schedule Your Activities

Take a look at your local community calendar to see how your neighbourhood is celebrating Canada Day, and choose a few activities that fit into your family’s schedule, and most importantly, your baby’s nap schedule! Make sure to leave plenty of time for travel to and from events and as always, be flexible. Look for events that have a mix of activities for all ages so everyone can participate.

Prepare Your Family

Depending on the events your family chooses to attend, you may want to set the stage for what to expect. For example, if you’re going to a firework show, take some time to explain to your little ones what fireworks are in terms they can understand: “Big, loud, booms of colour will light up the sky! It will get very bright but don’t worry, mommy will be right here!” And if you plan on bringing the youngest members of your family look into hearing protection. You may also consider making a plan for when and where to meet up in the event that anyone gets separated from the group. 

Mind the Sun

With summer in full swing the days are long and hot! And while the best Canada Day celebrations include a hefty dose of sunshine, make sure you pack sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of hydration for your baby. Young babies still breastfeeding have an advantage: their drink of choice is on demand! Just be sure you are plenty hydrated and well nourished during your celebration. 

Check the weather report, and if possible, try to enjoy outside time in the early morning or later in the evening to avoid the height of the sun and heat. Make sure there’s plenty of shade, or bring your own in the form of an umbrella or portable shade. Keep in mind that strollers and bassinets can get quite warm in direct sunlight, even with the shade pulled down. 

However you choose to celebrate Canada Day, have fun and be safe!

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