Drawn Out Bedtime Routines & Parenting Stress

Drawn Out Bedtime Routines & Parenting Stress

What’s Keeping Canadian Parents Up At Night?

In honor of Daylight Savings and Sleep Awareness Month, Owlet polled 1,500 Canadians on their sleep habits for its first ever state of (un)rest report. 

The survey revealed surprising data on everything from what parents would be willing to give up for a good night’s sleep, to who’s sleeping in, and how much time it really takes to get the kids in bed at night.

For example, when asked about what they’d give up to have a good night’s sleep, Canadians were most willing to give up chocolate and their phones—wow! It was also revealed that time alone with a significant other is precious for parents with kids under the age of five with 12% saying they’d give up money before giving up a romantic evening with their partner.

The survey also found that: 

  • Nearly half (47%) of Canadian parents with kids under the age of five say it takes up to 2 hours to get through their bedtime routine.
  • Parenting stress keeps 19% of all parents awake at night, no matter the age of their children.
  • Canadian parents with children under five are turning to tech to help them get to sleep, with 19% using a noise machine and 18% listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and music.
  • 8 a.m. is considered “sleeping in” for nearly a third (29%) of Canadians with kids under five.

So why does Owlet care about the sleep of Canadian parents? Because we know that restful sleep can mean the difference between conquering your list of to-dos and reaching for your fourth cup of coffee. Especially for the littlest among us, practicing healthy sleep habits is essential.

“For parents and babies alike, sleep is one of the most important parts of our day,” said Maggie Bettinson, Owlet’s General Manager of Canada and a mom to two children. “Establishing a healthy sleep routine is essential for newborns to have restful nights of sleep, and for adults, a sleep routine can play a large role in how productive their day is going to be. At Owlet, we’re sleep obsessed and want to help every Canadian sleep better, because we know how important some good shuteye is to being able to truly enjoy parenthood.” 

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